About Us

Berri Properties was founded by Matthew Myre in Asheville, North Carolina.

“The idea behind Berri Properties was to create a new platform for real estate. Just, instead of being like Zillow, Homelight, or Redfin. We wanted to hold on to the brokerage aspects of real estate, but with a modern twist.” – Matthew Myre

Real estate is a traditional industry by nature. Agents get most of their business via cold calling, relatives, and word of mouth.

Berri Properties gets it’s business from the usage of modern marketing methods via digital content and social media. Myre’s thought process is “We come from a place of value. We don’t ask for sales, we simply give our expertise out for free and hope you trust us enough to work with us.”

Modern Marketing

Our goal is to provide the best service via the best marketing. When selling your home, we implement advanced digital strategies to sell faster for more.

We Cover Your Every Need

With access to experts in every field of Asheville real estate, Berri Properties has you covered. Whether you’re in the luxury market, a first-time home buyer, or an investor, you’ll find amazing service right here.

we create stories

Our Philosophy

It’s been proven before that stories sell better than anything else. That’s why books have been around since the dawn of time. Any agent can list your home. The best agents (us) create stories.

Your Role

In order to build the perfect story, we need your help. When we meet, we’ll need to know everything you love about your home, all the wonderful memories you’ve had, and whatever makes it special. 

Our Role

We take all the information you provide us, the features we note during our walk through, and any relevant history of the property and neighborhood. Put it all together, and create it’s story.

matthew myre

Matthew Myre

CEO/Lead agent

After being forced to withdraw from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA due to financial issues within his family. Matthew came home to Asheville with intentions of success.

“I always believed I could be successful. I figured I would go into law and practice in the corporate sector but the ‘system’ didn’t seem to agree with that. So, I came home and started a business which eventually turned into Berri Properties.”

But he didn’t just want to follow the general route real estate agents and firms take.

“It’s pretty evident that the world is changing and how we conduct business as real estate agents is flipping upside down. People don’t use their phones to call people anymore. They use them to text and look up information. As a professional and the leader of my company, it’s my job to pay attention to the trends and adjust to them. Content marketing and digital media is what wins consumers now. It’s not about how good you are at selling with words. It’s about how good you are at giving away words for free.”

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